Blogger’s Block: Step One – Admit to it

An example of some of the excuses I told myself for having Blogger's Block.

I have to admit that I have had a terrible case of Blogger’s Block. The excuses have been many in the months since I last posted. Those excuses went from “After you get the new building open and staff settled, you’ll start-up again” to “I’ll just play one game of Slingo before writing a post”. It can be such an easy cycle to get stuck within and breaking out of it can be difficult. Every single day there could easily be just one excuse, or there could be a hundred excuses. Rationalizing Blogger’s Block is simple.

I also believe that Blogger’s Block is worse than Writer’s Block.

These terms may appear on the surface to be the same thing – the inability to write. I’m not going to say that they aren’t related to each other but I do see a distinct difference with Blogger’s Block.  The biggest reason why they are different in my mind is related to how much time is spent building up your followers to your blog.

If you are a blogger, you know that you not only have to spend the time writing the posts, but you have to spend the time building the relationships, cross-posting on social media sites, and following up on similar posts on other blogs. After spending time getting that established, it is even easier to lose that work. Those connections slip away faster than it took to build it up and you might find yourself back at square one.

Now I hope to be on the road to recovery. I’m finally pushing aside those excuses (and ignoring email until I finish this post) and pushing past what I haven’t done to focus on what I can do now to get back to this blog. It may end up being square one, but maybe I’ll help someone else avoid this pitfall with some wit and wisdom from my experience.


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