Pros & Cons Returning from #11NTC

A picture of the 'Super Moon' near the Washington Monument.

A picture of the 'Super Moon' near the Washington Monument.

It is hard to believe that I have been to Washington D.C. and back already. In ways, this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference just flashed before my eyes. In other ways, it feels like it has been weeks since I’ve been to work. There are lots of things, pros and cons, that I face now that I’m back in Pittsburgh.

Pros –

  • Great new nonprofit techie friends – I feel like I met so many more people at this year’s NTC than last year. I felt more comfortable at the event. I look forward to continuing my NTC experience all year round and that I can help my new friends and they can help me.
  • A list of blog posts to write – I have lots of notes from the sessions I took, and I do plan on blogging a lot about it all. I need to process the information and then I want to write about it. I want to get feedback to the thoughts too – because the more I can think about everything, the better person I become. I hope you all will help me with this journey.
  • Awesome memories – I have some new ways to remember never send a nickel in the mail and memories of a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a Super Moon at the Washington Monument. I got to see help recycle technology equipment at the Day of Service and I got to enjoy a 75+ degree sunny day. So many memories and all are good.
  • A new book list – There are some books already in my bag to read (and some to even reread with new ideas in my head). There are some books that need to be bought. Lastly, there are books to share with my staff – all three things are good for all.
  • Resources, resources, resources – I haven’t written the email yet to my vendor about  but by lunch tomorrow, that email will be written. It’s just one of the many new tips and tools that I have gathered some of the projects that have been nagging at me while I’ve been gone. I’m going to use these resources and I realize that I have expanded my network further to get even more suggestions in the future.


  • Work email – (Do I have to indicate why?)
  • The weather forecast – The groundhog got it wrong! I still see dreaded four letter word that starts with the letter s – it’s not fair!
  • Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow is still taking over the radio – I’m all for hometown pride, but I am growing really sick of this song. It’s great for Pittsburgh, but does it truly have to be on the radio every hour?
  • Real World returns – I don’t mean the TV show on MTV, but the real life events that have been going on in the world that I had been able to suspend thinking about while I was gone. While some of my other conference attendees may have been staying up with all the current events, at least for me, I suspended my constant attention to those things to focus on technology. Maybe it’s a bit ironic, but now I have to catch back up, and in ways I wish I didn’t have to catch up on all the bad news. What ever happened to the news covering good news?
  • Back to making my own coffee and no cupcake breaks – I think the cupcakes should be sent to my office. Every day. Not for me – but for my coworkers. It would make them all so much happier and I’ll keep the coffee for myself.

Do you have your own list of pros and cons? Do you want to share any?


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