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Once upon a time, a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh arrived at her internship at UCP Pittsburgh (now UCP/CLASS) and she was handed the Y2K Windows Patch disk to install on all of the computers. It was to give her a way to meet all of the staff and for the staff to meet her. Instead, she met a new career path that she didn’t realize was there for her. She was instantly welcomed into the world of being an accidental techie.

That was how I started my adventures in technology. There was nothing planned about my knowledge of computers and technology. I simply knew how to install that Y2K disk because I had to install it on my home computer so I could write papers for school. In fact, in middle school I failed my computer class and until my Junior Year of high school, I could only type by ‘hunt and peck‘.

I spent many years being that accidental techie. I didn’t mind self-teaching myself Quark to edit the newsletter. I told myself that I was doing it because I was going to edit the newsletter. I got on-the-move training on networks during a middle of a renovation. That was a time where I knew that I wasn’t really a techie and I felt so uncomfortable in my role when I was talking to ‘real techies’. It wasn’t until we began to install a Cisco VOIP solution that I started to realize that this wasn’t accidental anymore.

That transition hasn’t been easy. There have been so many bumps in the road and so many things that I know that I still have to learn. Guess what – what’s left to learn isn’t the technology parts! This is a topic that I can easily share with the world. It is something that is an emerging topic: transitioning from an accidental techie to a purposeful tech (a.k.a. a ‘real tech’). All of this was confirmed recently when I read a post from Holly Ross at NTEN titled Rebranding the Accidental Techie. I then was pulled into a discussion on LinkedIn about this blog post. It was interesting to see a vivid and active conversation on LinkedIn that echoed a lot of my life.

So my new blog was born. It is just starting out. I have plenty of ideas for posts. Please stay tuned, comment, and maybe all of former accidental techies can figure out the new world we find ourselves as we are no-longer-accidental.


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